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Swiss-Made Pocketwatch – 25 February 2013

Just a short post this time.

Today begins another trip during my Japanese exodus: this time to Taipei. I’m really excited about this one, as I’ve planned this one alone and will go it alone, and most likely see and do interesting, self-inspiring things. I have lots of stuff planned, but I’ll wait until I get some pictures under my belt before I break the seal here. Needless to say, I’m excited as hell. Unfortunately, my flight doesn’t leave until early tomorrow morning from Osaka, and the bus to Osaka gets there around ten tonight.

Sheesh. Not even enough time to explore Osaka. It looks like more airport camping is in the cards for yours truly.

But it’s all part of the adventure, like some humongous game of tag, catching buses, taking planes – and making sure it all runs as a Swiss-made pocketwatch does.

Stay tuned, people. Stay tuned.


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