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“At Five” – 3 February 2014

Just a short post this time. I’m sitting in a booth at the restaurant where I work, and I just remembered that I had a sonnet on me that many of you haven’t had the privilege to read yet. It’s called “At Five,” and I wrote it a couple years ago. The original title was “Carnival Robot” but it just didn’t fit the sonnet, hence the title change. I’ll use that title for something else, though.

I remember when we were five, when the

World was still fresh, still new. Life was timeless

Then—when we were five. We were bonded, free

To discover and explore the mind this

Life was meant to nourish. Yeah, I know—what

Five-year-old knows what secrets the cosmos

Holds? We did. The sky itself was ours, cut

Into a map of our own design. Toss those

Stars on the fire, so they might know all-

Consuming, pure true love! Our moon, mistress

Of that which was (and would be), stood so tall,

Dragging our dreams up with her. And that kiss,

Our first (at five) would sustain us—But we

Were five, and now, fully explored, aren’t free.